Let’s back up a bit. First get your face clean so we can really tell what else is going on with your skin. There are many different cleansers out on the market. The two most popular that Estheticians use is a cream or foam based cleanser. I like either one of these....

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ZAP Session

What is a Zap session? A zap session is having a high Frequency treatment. What is high frequency and what does it do? High frequency current works on skin toning rather than muscle toning by causing a circulation rush to the skin in addition to partial thermal tissue...

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We are all made so delicately. I love how i learn more everyday about the greatness of how God made our bodies work. Our skin is our biggest organ and it protects the body. the top layer of the epidermis…

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Everyone, no matter age or sex, gets them and wants them gone…

Pimples and Wrinkles – we are too old; we are too young.

So many people have the wrong idea about why they are breaking out. Maybe it’s the foods I eat? Maybe I touch my skin too much? Maybe I am allergic to the product that I am using?

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